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(WDDA) Masters / World Championship

The Winmau WDDA World Masters (Disability Championship) first event took place in 2014 as a demonstration event following a long campaign to review the dartboard height for wheelchair players. The World Disability Darts Association (WDDA) finally gained approval from the WDF and BDO for the reduce dartboard height for Wheelchair players, 137cm to the centre of the bullseye the rest is now history.

The Disability final is best of 5 legs played on a dual board set-up designed explicitly, so a wheelchair player and a standing player are competing directly against one another.

This event has now been replaced with the WDDA World Championships (Sponsored by Winmau). The WDDA Masters formed part of the sponsored Winmau (BDO) Masters. However, in 2019 the BDO gained a new sponsor for the Master and dartboards used across their events and the disability event was not part of the agenda. Winmau in their wisdom, moved the WDDA Master to the Netherlands and renamed the WDDA masters to the WDDA World Championships. I have kept the event history as one event because the qualifying path is the same.



Year Winner Legs


Legs Runner-up
2020  Kwanghee Cho 3 - 1 Mike Callaghan
2018  Michael Davis 3 - 1 Ricky Chilton
2017  Kevin Turner 3 - 1 Phil Lees
2016  Vince D'Hondt 3 - 0 Richard Green
2015  Vince D'Hondt 3 - 0 Ricky Chilton
2014  Ricky Chilton 3 - 2 Phil Lees


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