Writing and producing a website as comprehensive as this not only takes a lot of time but also requires cooperation from many sources and individuals. Readers of this website may well know that I have written a number of dart related websites over the past sixteen years and none of them could have been completed without the help and resource of others. is an information darts website written by David King a darts enthusiast and long term social darts player. Born in London, UK David extensive knowledge of the sport of darts has helped many a budding player. A trained analyst and professional web developer David has combined his knowledge and skill to bring you and it's parent website

David would like to thank the major dart manufacturers, Darts Governing bodies, Professional Dart players and other dart enthusiasts for the help, use of information and some of the graphics used on this website.

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I have also provided darts information for publication in several books, The Oxford English Dictionary, Darts World Magazine, and ‘We Love Darts Magazine’ (no longer published)



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