Darts - Improving your game

Improve Your Game

Why practice?

For some just turning up on dart night and throwing a few arrows is what it is all about, for others, it is a time to demonstrate their skill on the dartboard.

If you want to play the sport at a reasonable level, and not rely on luck by hitting the treble eighteen when you were trying to hit a treble twenty, then you need to practise.

Improving your game can take some time, and you may even go through a stage of scoring less before you get better. The importance is your accuracy and consistency improve to a stage you can confidently achieve your goal.

Players don’t suddenly get better. They put in the time and effort to get there. Since you have come to this page, you have taken the first step towards playing a better game. However, it is up to you to now put in the work.

Below I list a few pages that will start you on the right path. Set realistic, achievable but stretching goals and remember practising is part of the game, not something you do once


How to throw Darts - Stance
How to throw Darts - Aim and Throw
High Scoring
Checkouts & Doubles
Improving Your Accuracy
Match Warm-up
180! Around the Clock Game
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