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The game of darts is all about hand-eye coordination. Some board manufacturers also produce boards that have half-size doubles and trebles the aim of this is to help you improve your accuracy. If you have ever played on a Manchester Log-End Dartboard, then you will know what I mean. The doubles here are approximately 4mm wide! Playing on these boards will, without question, help you improve your game on standard board. But if you don’t have a board like this, then you can help improve your accuracy in the following way.



Close grouping of darts is always considered a good thing as this shows the consistency of throwing, but when you are throwing for trebles and doubles sometimes darts may cover/block a clear view of your objective and focusing on a smaller area is necessary. I have found you can enhance your accuracy by placing a sticker or matchstick in an area of the board that you want to hit. Here you aim for the sticker or matchstick, your focusing and hand-eye coordination will improve. If you are very skilful use a non-safety match and try lighting from your throw (Don’t worry it won’t set the board on fire!)

Since initially writing and posting this training exercise a dartboard manufacturer has produced a board that has the dots marked on it. Ideal from training but might not be the best for a match.


Sticker target

dot trainer dartboard 180


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