Dartboard Setup

Dartboard Setup

Dartboard Setup for a Standard Dartboard

Detail below shoe the dartboard setup for a 'Standard' / London Clock Dartboard. Other UK Regional Dartboards, height and throwing distances can vary.  The details are shown in both UK imperial measurements and metric. Metric used today to setup competition dartboards; however, you may find dartboard manufacturers still using both measurements despite the UK adopting metric in 1965!

One thing that still uses imperial is the typical dart and dart shaft. The standard size most use is a 2BA thread, the larger, hardly seen these days, is 4BA. The larger was mainly used for the older chunky brass dart.  Thinner shafts smaller than the 2BA is a metric 4M. I do not cover UK Regional Dartboards on the mobile website nor do I cover darts, shafts or flights although the PDF Download does show several setups. Please see the main website for further details.

Disability Darts now has a recognised height for wheelchair users. Please see the link below.

Dartboard Setup

Dartboard Setup

Dartboard Setup



5' 8" (1.73m) from the floor to the centre of the bullseye.


Throwing / Toe Line or Oche

7' 9 ¼" (2.37m) from the board to the throw line or 9' 7 3/8" (2.93m) when measured diagonally from the bullseye to the throwing line). This second measure is used when playing on an uneven surface.


Throwing Lane

Preferably 2' (0.6m) clearance both sides of the board (remember darts are sharp!).


Dartboard Fixing

The board should be mounted flush to the wall not leaning forward with D20 directly at the top.


Soft-tip dartboards

Soft tip boards in some cases are set the same as per steel tip boards, but some leagues have a longer throwing distance.

I.e. 8' (2.43m) not 7' 9 ¼" (2.37m).

If you are setting up a board for league games, first check your local league rules.


Ladies throwing distance!

A commonly asked question is what distance should do ladies throw from. The ladies throwing distance is the same as the men's, 7' 9 ¼" (2.37m) in professional competitions running under the BDO/WDF rules. But many leagues around the UK have different throwing distances for ladies. The most common distances other than 7' 9 ¼", is 7' 6" & 7' 0". Other distances for men include 8' 0" & 8' 6" but this is now uncommon.


Standard Dartboard Setup
Disability Wheelchair Setup
Dartboard Lighting



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