Dartboard Lighting

Dartboard Lighting

Dartboard Lighting Systems

Over the past decade, dart manufactures have developed a range of low voltage dartboard lighting systems. All offer the user a similar experience of evening white light across the dartboard to reduce or remove dart shadow.

Each of these lighting systems is of a halo construction that either fits the dartboard of dartboard surround. However, if you do not wish to invest in such a lighting system, as shown below, what else is available?


Target ARC Lighting System


New for 2021

Target Darts ARC Lighting System

Target Darts has launched a new LED ARC lighting system that attaches to the top of a darts cabinet. Powered by an electric mains adaptor, this light is easy to install and gives a clear, bright white light without the need for a halo ring. I can easily see why this lighting system will appeal to most players, clubs, and pubs worldwide.

Four power adaptors are available UK, EU, USA and AUS


Target Darts Vison 360 Lighting

Target Darts 360 Lighting System and Corona Lighting System

The Vision 360 Lighting System and features a halo of 125 LED lights to light the dartboard. Like the ‘Circumluminator,’ the lighting halo ring eliminates dart shadow and give an even light across the dartboard and has gained approval by the World Darts Federation (WDF). Target has since introduced an alternative version called the ‘Corona Vision Light’.  The difference between these two lights is that the ‘Corona’ has a magnet attachment that allows the lighting system to be attached to the steel ring of the dartboard.

Since ‘Target Darts’ has introduced the use of a LED light both Unicorn Dart and WInmau have followed suit. Again, both have adopted a similar approach with a ring of LED to light the dartboard.


Unicorn Solar Flare

Unicorn Dartboard Light

Unicorn currently has the Solar Flare a ring of light that sits at high round the playing surface of the dartboard. It is engineered to push fit over ‘any bristle dartboard’. Not sure if this only means any unicorn made dartboard or any dartboard on the market. But to be on the safe side I would suggest if you are looking to purchase this light that you keep the whole setup Unicorn.

In addition, Unicorn has also made a Solar Flare Light surround ‘Solar Surround’. This does make the whole of the system look very professional but this does come at a hefty cost.


Winmau Plasma Light

Winmau Dartboard Light

The 2019 Winmau product range sees the introduction of their first dartboard light the ‘Plasma Light’. However, unlike the Target Dart Vision 360 or the Unicorn Solar Flare, this lighting system allows for a dartboard surround to be inserted inside it. While both the Target darts and Unicorn darts lighting systems surround sits behind the lighting ring. Unlike the Unicorn Light, the Plasma is screwed to the wall

Most may not have the opportunity of seeing all three of these dartboard lights together. Four if you add the ‘Circumluminator’ so it can be hard to judge what is the best for you.

Although I may have initially criticised the ‘circumluminator’ for its quality of finish, it does do the job and does it well. It can be customised with your own club, pub or even favourite football team graphic or you can use the default ‘Circumluminator’ graphics. Unlike the newer competitors, it doesn’t protrude as far in front of the board and in my personal opinion, this doesn’t distract you from play.

Installing a new light not only has its advantages of eliminating dart shadow all of these systems use less power.  So, two great advantages. The only issue I have with the halo type lighting is they are big and sit high in front of the board. If you are a player that throws mainly from one side of the dartboard, I can see that the lighting systems could be a distraction as they can be within your eye line. That said it is probably a case of just getting used to this method of lighting as none will directly interfere play.

None of these lighting systems is cheap so I suggest you gather information from the manufacturers directly. Should you be lucky enough to have a club or pub nearby that has installed one of these lights I again suggest you take a personal look at them and if possible, play a few games so you can make up your own opinion.


Alternative Lighting

Most dartboards are still lit by a single spotlight and are still likely to be lit this way for some time to come. If you feel the purpose-built dartboard lights are too expensive at the moment or you have seen them and think maybe they are not for you, how should you light the dartboard?

If using a single spot lamp, make sure it is a bright one. If possible, fix this to a ceiling where you can adjust the angle of the light to give the best illumination you can from a single spotlight. You will find, however, that the light will cast a shadow from any dart in the dartboard, hence why the dart manufacturers have addressed this issue with their own lighting systems. A slightly better method is to have three (or more) spotlight to light up the dartboard.

Dartboard Lighting 3 Spotlights

More lighting options can be found on the main website


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