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Halve-it - Fun game for all abilities

Players: Two or more

Darts: Three each


To start the game select any six numbers scoring number that feature on the dartboard. These can be single numbers i.e. 20,19,18,17, Double 17, Double 9, Treble 7, Treble 11, Bullesye or Outer-Bullseye or as in the example below the Bullseye and Outer-Bullseye can be used as one scoring area.

Write the selected numbers / scoring segments in a column adding a further line ‘Total’ at the bottom. Now add a further columns, one each, to represent each player. An example is shown below. It is probably best you draw out a grid as this will help when it comes to scoring the game.


Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Player 5
Single 20          
Double 16          
Single 14          
Treble 18          
Single 16          
Single 6          
25 or Bullseye          


The player throwing first must aim at first listed number in this example ‘20’ for each dart hitting SINGLE 20 he scores that amount, for example: if the player throws treble 20, 20, 20 they scores 40 points, the treble does not count as a score on this throw as the target states single twenty! The amount scorded is placed in throw 1 under the players name. Player two then has their shot and so on.

In the next round the players throw for the next number / target list, in this example Single 15. However, if player fails to hit and score anything on 15 then the score they have accumulated is halved. If the player scores 15 the score achieved is added to the score in the first round and written next to throw two (Single 15). After all players have thrown the six selected numbers, the player with the highest score left is the winner.

(The chart is only a guide any numbers can be chosen for the game.)


-- | END | --

Dart games you can play on a standard (London Clock) dartboard

Darts is a sport enjoyed by all regardless of age or gender. People play for fun while others take this sport very seriously. The ’01 game is the most common followed by ‘Cricket’ I call it American Cricket because it has no refence to wickets, bats, balls or runs. Shanghai probably rate third as most commonly played dart games around the world. However, there a lot of games for you to enjoy. Some are designed for the not so skilled while others do require a lot of skill to play well. A larger list of games and rules is availble on the main website



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Games that feature on this website

Some of the games that feature on this website have been designed purely for inclusion solely on my websites. I have created most of the other games, and credit is given if others, i.e. tennis, have supplied the game.  Some of the games have been played as far back as the early 1900s. However, you may find some regional variations to the rules I have published.

Designed for my websites: 180 Around the Clock, Chase the Dragon, Grand National, plus Tennis supplied by Richard Cotterill and Keith Block. Please do not reproduce these games on your own website. If you like the games, I feature then, by all means, place a link to this page.

Should you supply a game for inclusion, and if it is accepted, a credit will be given to you as per the game tennis.

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