Dartboard and Darts Mainenance


Dartboard and Darts Maintenance

If you are new to the sport of only play on a dartboard that is in a club or pub, then you may not know a regular turning of the dartboard is essential to prolong the life of the dartboard.

How frequently you turn, the board is dependent on how often the dartboard is used. But if you play for a few hours a day or the board that you are using is played upon a few hours a day, then turning it once per week should be fine. If the board is receiving more play or if the players are regularly hitting the treble twenty, then a more frequent turn may be appropriate. However, do not wait to turn the board once one high scoring area shows signs of damage. Turning the dartboard regularly will give you even wear and will prolong its life.

Dartboard Rotation

I turn the dartboard two black scoring segments at a time. Once a complete rotation has been completed, adjust the next to turn to one and then continue with two segments.

Remove the number ring and then replace it in the correct place, the number twenty at the top.
If one area seems to be worn more than another, move this are to the lessor target area to again prolong the dartboards life. If the board starts not to hold the dart, then it is time to change.

Sisal dartboards can vary, and over the years I have played on most. Winmau dartboards, in my opinion, have softer sisal and tend to last longer. This is only my opinion, and it is not to say others are inferior in any way.


Should you soak or wet a sisal dartboard, you will destroy it. A Manchester Log-end Dartboard, i.e. a Log-end of wood does require moister and should be soaked in water to heel the board, but no other dartboard should be immersed in water.

Dartboard Maintenance
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