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Darts Checkout Chart

There are many ways to finish a game, and here is just one. Players have their preferred combination shots, and these may vary depending on their opponent's score. If their opponent is on an outshot, even if it is a high three dart combination, most players will try to finish the game rather than set up a preferred double. As an old saying goes, never give a darter a chance to finish, do so at your peril as Eric Bristow found out in the last leg of the 1983 World Darts Championship.


Checkout Charts for the basic #01 games
(T = Treble) , (D = Double)


Three Dart Fin Three Dart Fin Two Dart Fin
No. 1st 2nd 3rd No. 1st 2nd 3rd No. 1st 2nd
170 T20 T20 BULL 130 T20 T20 D5 100 T20 D40
169 - No out shot - 129 T19 T16 D12 98 T20 D19
168 - No out shot - 128 T18 T14 D16 97 T19 D20
167 T20 T19 BULL 127 T20 T17 D8 96 T20 D18
166 - No out shot - 126 T19 T19 D6 95 T19 D19
165 - No out shot - 125 25 T20 D20 94 T18 D20
164 T20 T18 BULL 124 T24 T16 D8 93 T19 D18
163 - No out shot - 123 T19 T16 D9 92 T20 D16
162 - No out shot - 122 T18 T20 D4 91 T17 D20
161 T20 T17 BULL 121 T20 T11 D14 90 T20 D15
160 T20 T20 D40 120 T20 20 D20 89 T19 D16
159 - No out shot - 119 T20 T10 D16 88 T20 D14
158 T20 T20 D19 118 T20 18 D20 87 T17 D18
157 T20 T19 T20 117 T20 17 D20 86 T18 D16
156 T20 T20 D18 116 T20 16 D20 85 T15 D20
155 T20 T19 D19 115 T20 15 D20 84 T20 D12
154 T20 T18 D20 114 T20 14 D20 83 T17 D20
153 T20 T19 D18 113 T20 13 D20 82 T14 D20
152 T20 T20 T16 112 T20 12 D20 81 T19 D12
151 T20 T17 D20 111 T20 19 D16 80 T20 D10
150 T20 T20 D15 110 T20 18 D16 79 T19 D11
149 T20 T19 D16 109 T19 20 D16 78 T18 D12
148 T20 T16 D20 108 T20 16 D16 77 T19 D10
147 T20 T17 D18 107 T19 18 D16 76 T20 D8
146 T20 T18 D16 106 T20 14 D16 75 T17 D12
145 T20 T15 D20 105 T20 13 D16 74 T14 D16
144 T20 T20 D12 104 T20 12 D16 73 T19 D8
143 T20 T17 D16 103 T20 3 D20 72 T16 D12
142 T20 T14 D20 102 T20 10 D16 71 T13 D16
141 T20 T19 D12 101 T20 1 D20 70 T10 D20
140 T20 T20 D10 99 T19 10 D16 69 T15 D12
139 T20 T13 D20

'501' finished in 9 darts

 180, 180, 141

For fun try this combination


68 T20 D8
138 T20 T18 D12 67 T17 D8
137 T20 T19 D10 66 T10 D18
136 T20 T20 D8 65 T19 D4
135 T20 T17 D12 64 T16 D8
134 T20 T14 D16 63 T13 D12
133 T20 T19 D8 62 T10 D16
132 T20 T16 D12 61 T15 D8
131 T20 T13 D16 60 20 D20

As Bobby George says “trebles for show and doubles for dough!” Finishing games is what it all about! It’s great when you can score high, but if you can’t finish, you are not going to win!

Many people, when first starting to play, find it challenging to remember combination checkouts. Some combinations are better than others purely because if you miss the first shot, you may still be in line for a comfortable single then double to finish.

Example: 77 can be finished by hitting treble 15, double 16, one of the nicest doubles on the board. But what if you hit a single 15? This leaves you with 62, - Single 12 Bull? , Treble 10 double 16? Both are not easy to hit. But what if you decided to go for 77 a different way? Treble 19, double 10? And you missed treble 19 but hit the single? Then this still leaves you a shot at single 18 then double 20. This seems a better route, and there are many shots similar to this. There are also several ways to finish and above is only one way, but not necessarily the best when you have three darts for a two dart finish.

The Checkout sheets I have produced will help new players and players that find it hard to remember out shots. The checkout sheet is FREE to download and use for personal use. So why not place one up near your board or club, so it helps you or others improve their game!

In the mobile version, I have included a UK PDF Checkout Chart, which you can download using the button below. However, I have also translated the checkout and a total of 48 variations are now available on the main website. You can also use the in-app leg scorer designed to prompt you with three darts and two darts outshouts. See below.


PDF Checkout Chart
Leg Scorer - 48 Checkouts


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