High Scoring

High Scoring

It doesn’t matter what standard of player you are but hitting high consistent scores in a game is an essential part of the game. A consistent high scorer is more likely to win a game than one that occasional hits a 180/140 then 60 / 45. We have all been there at some stage but how do you improve? Practice of course and here are a few games I play to improve my game.

 Max score

A good game to help you practice is to set yourself a target for hitting 60+ , 80+, 100+, 120+, 140+ and dare I say the magic 180! Set a target against each score, lets say 10 you now have a virtual opponent! Start by trying to hit 60 or more with three darts if you hit 60 or more you score a point if you fail to score 60 then your virtual opponent scores a point the first to ten wins!

This sort of practice will help you focus on your scoring you will be play a virtual opponent that is consistent and as you win more move the target up. For warming up don’t set you target to high.

If in a match you can score 10 - 20 more than the person you are playing against you will have an advantage when you come to finish, it may mean you will have the first shot at the double, even if you throw second in a leg.


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