Nine Lives

Nine Lives

Rules for Nine Lives. All the games can be download in PDF format see the icon at the bottom of this page

Players: Two Players or More

How to Play:

This is a simple game of elimination for any number of players. It does get a little long when there are a lot of players.

The Object:

To be the first player to get "around the clock", that is to get at least one dart in each number from 1 through 20 in order.

The Scoring:

Each player throws one dart at bulls eye, closest to the bulls eye goes first, furthest from the bulls eye goes last. Each player gets three "lives" represented by three tally marks below their name. I don't know why the game 9 lives but you only get 3. Maybe it is because if you miss with three darts you lose a life and 3 x 3 = 9! If you know any different please let me know.

The player’s names are recorded on a chalk board or white board along with three X’s (XXX). Each player then takes a turn trying to hit each number from 1 through 20. The numbers must be hit in order or they do not count.

If a player misses with all three darts, one life is lost and an X removed from that player. When all three of a players lives are lost, that player is out of the game.

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