Nicknames - Female

Nicknames of Female Professional Dart Players

updated 1st December 2016



Anastasia Dobromyslova From Russia with Love
Ann-Louise Peters The Danish Diamond
Anne Kirk Captain Kirk
Crissy Manley Two Dart
Deta Hedman The Dark Destroyer
Francis Hoenselaar The Dutch Crown
Irena Armstrong Ice Baby
Karen Krappen The Dolphin
Lynsey McDonald The Wee Yin, The Party Starter
Mieke de Boer Bambie
Rilana Erades Pebbles
Roelie Bakker Baker Trouble Maker
Sharon Prins Racing Angel
Sue Edwards Super Sue
Stacy Bromberg The Wish Granter
Talisa Zwart Smiley
Tricia Wright The Write Stuff
Trina Gulliver MBE The Golden Girl
Zoe Jones The Pink Panther

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