Loopy or Loop

Rules for Loopy. All the games can be download in PDF format see the icon at the bottom of this page

Players: Two or more

How to Play:

Yes as the game suggests this is a Loopy game in more ways than one!

This a game best played by several people. The object of this game is to follow the leader but you don’t just use the traditional scoring area of the dart board you also use the wire numbering system of the board as well!

Start by first throwing for the bull with a single dart, the nearest to the bull being the player who starts the game followed by the second nearest and so on, the furthest away being the last player to throw. The order of play is now established and the names of the players are recorded on the chalk board along with 3 – 5 lives to each player.

The first player throws for the board! This can be any part of the board and this includes the loops of the number wiring system and split numbers. If his first dart lands within any of these areas then the following player must first hit the same space with his three darts before throwing for another area otherwise he loses a life! If the player fails to establish a new target the previous target remains.


If the first player hits the big area of number 1 then with his first dart the second player must hit the same area before throwing for another sector. Hitting double one, treble one or the smaller inner area of one in this instant does not count; the large area must be hit.

If the following dart thrower hits the numbered sector then he can use the remaining to darts to establish a new target for the next player. The next scoring dart counts as the new target. If the player fails to score with the remaining darts he forfeits a life.

As the game entails the numbered wiring system comes into play so numbers 4, 6,8,10,14,16,18 & 20 all have loops!!! If a player throws a dart into the loop of number 6 then that becomes the target area. Also a number of numbers can be split ;11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 & 20. If a dart is thrown between the two 1’s of 11 this effectively splits the 11 and this becomes the new target area. The number 8 and 18 effectively have two loops these are known as the higher and lower loops. Each of these loops is effectively its own potential target area.

The only area you can not score on is the area effectively between the edge of the normal board scoring area and the numbers. If you hit this area or your dart bounces out then you do not score.

The winner of this game is the player that remains alive!


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