Killer & Blind Killer

Killer & Blind Killer

Rules for Killer & Blind Killer. All the games can be download in PDF format see the icon at the bottom of this page

Players: Best Played with 5 People Plus

How to Play - Killer:

Killer is a good game when you have a crowd of people wanting to use the board at the same time. There are a couple of variations to this game but basically the rules are the same.

Firstly each player draws lots i.e. a number between 1 - 20. This is done by first writing the numbers down on individual pieces of paper and then the number’s are drawn blindly.

The names of each player are recorded on the chalk board along with their number. Each player is then given between 3 & 5 lives. The object of this game is for each thrower to first hit their own number’s double three times to gain status of KILLER. Once they have achieved this they then can throw for their opponent’s number doubles in any order they wish. Every time a KILLER status player hits opponents double they lose a life.

KILLERS can also commit SUICIDE. If they accidentally hit their own double once they have gained the status of KILLER they will also lose a life. Once all your lives have gone you are out - the winner being the only player left alive!

How to Play - Blind Killer:

Blind Killer is slightly different. Firstly you draw your number but in this case it is not shown to anyone! The numbers 1 – 20 recorded on the chalk board. Then each player then takes it in turn to throw for any double and if one is hit it is recorded next to the chalked number. Once a double as been hit three times the person with that number is eliminated.

The winner of this game is the player that remains alive.

Good fun and good practise for hitting doubles.

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