Rules for Halve-it. All the games can be download in PDF format see the icon at the bottom of this page

Players: Two or more

How to Play:

To start the game select six numbers (more if you wish) and write them on the board this way:

  Player 1 2 3 4 5
Single 20            
Double 16            
Single 14            
Treble 18            
Single 16            
Single 6            
25 or Bullseye            

The player throwing first must aim at 20 for each dart hitting 20 he scores that amount, for example: if the player throws triple 20, 20, 1 he scores 80 points and this amount is placed under his initial, then player two has his shot and so on.

If on the next shot any player fails to throw the double 15 their previous score is halved. After all players have thrown the six selected numbers, the player with the highest score is the winner.

(The chart is only a guide any numbers can be chosen for the game.)

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