Grand National

Grand National

Rules for Grand National. All the games can be download in PDF format see the icon at the bottom of this page

Players: More the Better

How to Play:

There are loads of games that can be played on the dart board and here is another. I put together this game after viewing the Grand National horse race  at a local pub some time ago.

Many of the pub punters had a small flutter on the gee gees and a few drinks to go with it. The dart board was being occupied but only by punters that could play reasonable well. So I thought with a big gathering that we had it would be a good idea to gain a few more coverts to a wonderful sport of darts.

This game is based on the house race the Grand National and over the years it’s developed a bit so here are the basic rules that I suggest are played by a novice player followed by a revised version for the more experienced dart thrower.

The Grand National is probably the Worlds most known house race. The race twice around the circuit jumping fences. The first home the winner! The trouble is most full!

The basic darts game based on the Grand National is very easy to play and a varying degree of difficulty can be added. The basic game for the novice ‘new’ to darts follows this very basic format.

Novice Game

Each player has 3 darts and the object is to travel around the dartboard anticlockwise starting at 20, then 5 and then 12 etc. Each segment is known as a hurdle. The novice game you must hit at least one segment with each turn (3 darts) i.e. start at 20 you must be hit if not you full at the hurdle and are out of the game. Hitting 20 you move to the next segment and so on first around and back to 20 wins!

The rules here for the novice are very simple and after a few drinks you won’t be surprised to see a few full during the race.

The Dart throwers version

For a competent dart player this will be a very easy and probably not that inspiring as I would expect each segment to be hit with a single dart. So here is a slightly harder version.

For the more experience player the Grand National is played in the following way. Again the object is to travel anticlockwise around the board twice but this time you start at the large 5 segment (the light segment) of the board you then have to move around the board hitting each alternative large segment number i.e. 5 then 9 followed by 11 unit you reach 1. The second time around the board you must hit the small segment of the 5 and the small segments of each alternative number and then a final Bull / 25 that represents the finishing post. The players here also have three lives but you can vary this to suit the ability of the players. Here a life is lost if you miss the segment with a single dart. The winner is the first to travel round the board twice or the furthest travelled.

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