Cleaning Darts

How to clean and maintain your darts

Also see the section on replacing steel-tip dart points.

Why clean darts?

You may see some darters using chalk or forms of gripping wax on their fingers. They use this to help their grip on the dart but one of the best ways to maintain a good grip on the dart is to make sure they are clean and your hands are free from grease. So put down your crisp packets and wash your hands! But seriously it is worth while every so often to give your darts a good clean.

Cleaning darts

John Lowe, 3 times world champion, says that immersing your dart barrels in household beach over night works wonders for removing the grime off your darts. Other methods say toothpaste, vinegar and shaving gel. I use a very similar way of cleaning darts.

Basically all you need is a strong soap such as washing up liquid. Saving gel also good when used neat. I have tried the bleach method but be aware this can pit your darts and anything too strong can remove any painted rings  you may have on your darts very quickly . This method  is tried and test so see below.

Cleaning darts.


Leave enough gap for the point to pass through but not the barrel

First find a small container that will hold your barrels and liquid. An ideal container is a washing powder scoop, as shown here. Add to the container 25ml washing up liquid. Then place the barrels into the liquid.


Grip the point with pliers

Fill the container up with 100ml warm water and leave over night. use a tooth brush on the barrels after the period if needed. You will see the dirt come away like magic.


Pull the point free from the barrel

Remove the darts and rinse with clean water and wipe them dry. Please note this process is not suitable for painted darts as the paint may lift. Golden darts will also dull. If you are young of age reading this please ask an adult to do this for you I don’t what angry emails from any disgruntled parents about this advice.


Pull the point free from the barrel

The finished result is a clean dart, you may even find this process slightly pits the barrels but this is not necessarily a bad thing as it helps the grip.

Please note nor it's owner accept no responsibility to losses or injury should you choose to follow the above method.

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